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Arts and or Medicine Related Sampling


Search Sites

Dogpile – a good “meta” search site that queries 15 (+/-) of the major search engines (including Google) on the WWW to look for Web pages, Usenet postings and ftp sites containing what you are interested in finding.

Yahoo Health: – Good starting point for health-related searches.

NLM MEDLINE Access: – The searchable index and abstracts of medical literature is free at the government’s NIH National Library of Medicine. – individual Name, Address, Phone search site.

[new] Journal Watch: – medical journal (180) review and summary site.

[new] Word.Doc: – (new) narrative medicine & arts-medicine site at U of PA.

General Arts-Medicine Sites

MMB Music – IJAM is published by MMB. They have music-related publications.

Arts and Healing Network – an on-line resource celebrating the connection between art and healing

Arts-Medicine Aotearoa New Zealand – a new site for arts-medicine in New Zealand.

AIMED – The American Institute of Medical Education holds five conferences a year on Creativity and Madness – Psychological Studies of Art and Artists. Art, as well as medicine, heals. Suggested by Mary Lou and Barry Panter

Transitions Music – Playing music to children before birth and other information

Canadian Network for Health in the Arts (CNHA)

Home page of medecine des arts in FranceNIAD – National Institute of Art and Disabilities page and more.

The Koop Institute – At Dartmouth – the former US Surgeon General’s activity. Visit the Program section on Arts and Healing.

Online Exhibits at NIH – See the whimsical medical art of Jose Perez (under Other).

Alternative Medicine Digest – may be of interest to arts-medicine practitioners.

Texas Cultural & Arts Network (TCAnet) – TCAnet houses a collection of information on arts and culture. It uses a virtual village theme with separate buildings for organizing content.

Art and Art Therapy Sites


Healthy Messages – UK site with posters and cards produced by artists to promote health of the heart

American Art Therapy Association (AATA)

Art Therapy in Canada – maintained by Petrea Hansen-Adamidis. Good lnks to CATA and others.

National Coalition of Arts Therapies Associations (NCCATA)

The Foundation For Hospital Art – John Feight’s organization paints on ceiling and wall tiles to brighten hospitals

Art Therapy on the Web (UK).Art Therapy at Nazareth College – in Rochester, NY

Arts in TherapyArt on the Web – Art and art-related items. Includes a visual sampling of Specialty Artists, Fine Artists, Illustrators, Designers, Cartoonists, Photographers, and more.

[new] Artists Helping Children – Artists Helping Children is a non-profit charity dedicated to bringing comfort to children in hospitals, clinics, and shelters by brightening their environment with murals and other art.

[new] Brush Fire – So moved and enriched by her own experience with process painting, Naomi Rifkin started Brush Fire Painting Workshops to bring the pleasure of authentic expression to people in the San Francisco bay area. Brush Fire is also committed to bringing the healing power of the arts to marginalized communities.

Dance and Dance Therapy Sites


American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)

Dance Online – Online journal devoted to the world of dance.

Dance Links – Includes dance companies, publications, funding resources, schools, and other useful categories

Dancing Thru Pregnancy – Corporate homepage for a group in CT offering continuing education programs in maintaining fitness during pregnancy.

Alexander Technique Guide – Robert Rickover’s site with lots of user-friendly links to all Alexander Technique resources – on and off the Web.

The Alexander Technique for Musicians – a new web site which features in-depth articles and essays for musicians and links to resources

Ballet Web Links – This dance and medicine physiology page of Ballet Web, started by dance videographer Amy Reusch, provides links to various dance therapy organizations as well as pages about stretching techniques, the Alexander technique, the Feldenkrais method, footcare, and more.

Drama Therapy Sites


National Association for Drama Therapy (NADT) – The National Association for Drama Therapy is a non-profit association incorporated in 1979 to establish and uphold high standards of professional competence and ethics among drama therapists; to develop criteria for training and registration; to sponsor publications and conferences; and to promote the profession of drama therapy through information and advocacy.

[new] Senior Theatre – performing arts for seniors

Music Therapy Sites


Freeing the Caged Bird – Dedicated to injury preventive keyboard technique, this site features the internationally acclaimed, award-winning video “Freeing the Caged Bird” and information about pianist Barbara Lister-Sink’s method of retraining injured keyboardists.

Music Therapy links – from Katherine Lindberg, MT-BC

AMTA – American Music Therapy Association (formerly NAMT)

Other Arts-Medicine Related Sites


Delta Society: Pet Partners – animal therapy – The Delta Society can certify a dog for their Pet Partners Program and can help arrange visits to hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and prisons

Gesundheit! – Patch Adams’ site (achoo!)

AATH – American Association of Therapeutic Humor

Expressive Therapy Concepts – Eric Miller’s site

Art as Healing – Michael Samuels’ site with alternate medicine links

Information on MD Sharon Packer’s book, “Dreams in Myth, Medicine, and Movies” is available at: Greenwood Publishing

Performing Art Therapy and Performer Assistance


Performing Arts Therapy at Ithaca College – A program for performing arts therapy and many good links.

Performing Arts-Medicine Association (PAMA) – Minimal information and email contact.

Musicians and Injuries – several good links to instrumental injury descriptions.

Europe Sites – Performing Arts Medicine site in German. Visit their links page for English, French and Italian sites.

BPAMT – British Association for Performing Arts Medicine

Institute of Music Physiology and Performing Arts Medicine – At the Hannover College of Music and Theatre (Germany) They have a special clinic for Performing Arts Medicine.

Med Help International – Medical support groups

FindADoc: – at University of Nebraska, Lincoln, emphasis on RSI treatment.

Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics – US indexed clinic list, by State

JAMA index – Journal of the American Medical Association and other AMA publication archives online.

Tendonitis net – Andrew Stevens suggested which offers information about tendonitis, including symptoms, pain relief and treatment options.

Sound Feelings has performing artist pain prevention information.

There is an Arts-Medicine email list “ARTS-MD” that may be of interest. It is run by Neal Shorstein, MD and is provided for ongoing discussion for physicians, residents and medical students who are involved in the Arts.

To subscribe to this list, send email to: ; with the words SUBSCRIBE ARTS-MD in the body.

The next few are more Art than Arts-Medicine but may be of interest.


WebMuseum – The electronic Louvre. Has a Paul Cezanne exhibit of 100 artworks.

Smithsonian Institute – 150 Years!Art on the Net: ArtNet: – Online Art and Museum Links

Metropolitan Museum of Art – Includes floor plans detailing what type of art is located where, a calendar of events and exhibitions, and a limited sampling of its collection

World Wide Arts Resources – Calls itself “The Largest Gateway to the Arts!” Includes links to galleries, museums, publications, schedules, schools, art agencies, film, literary resources, theatre, dance, antiques, and crafts

Artreach – A Philadelphia program whose goal is to make a variety of performing and cultural arts events easily accessible to “special audiences” including the elderly, disadvantaged, mentally and physically challenged, participants in domestic violence or substance abuse programs, and the visually or hearing impaired.

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